SCUBA in Coron, Palawan.

Took the whole fam to Coron, Palawan for some much needed RnR. Took advantage of the Cebu Pacific promo fares once again to secure cheap plane tickets.

Visited some of the famous natural wonders of Coron but unfortunately lost most of the pics.

On the bright side, Me, Rac and my sister Bebot finally got our PADI open-water licenses. Here are our underwater pics!

35096_412288135727_7930896_n 35096_412288105727_270550_n 39127_412287975727_7858901_n 36958_412287970727_4406374_n 39127_412287950727_2510568_n 39127_412287945727_5265120_n 37466_412287680727_349324_n 35045_412287675727_6712996_n 37629_412287665727_2683_n 34635_412287460727_7467237_n 34635_412287445727_8261353_n

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