Got love, will travel.

Ramchand and Racsianne-3543

Rambi and Rac met each other in preschool when they were 6 years old. They’ve been friends for a very long time, and it only took about 17 years and 7,305 miles for them to discover that they are destined to be together.

Now serving in the USAF, Rambi is currently based in EU while Rac, an Architect, is based in Manila. Three years into their long distance relationship, they’ve traveled to different countries to make every moment together (which is about 4 weeks a year) an unforgettable experience.

UPDATE: After almost four years together, Rambi and Rac finally got married by the beach in Laiya, Batangas on November 2013. Both are now based in Italy and have been exploring the rest of Europe, one day at a time.

El Nido


1. Visit 100 countries.

2. DIVE as much as we can!

3. Bring people with us and give them the TRAVEL ITCH.

4. Use travel hacking to fund a big chunk of our travel.

5. Eat. Eat. EAT!

6. CAPTURE our travels through pictures and this blog.


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