Milan, Italy

Duomo Cathedral.
Duomo Cathedral.

My good friend Steve texted me on a Thursday night asking where is a good place to go that weekend. I replied back “Milan?”. That was the start of another impromptu adventure. This would also be a perfect time to catch up with my childhood friend, Imon, who is based there. Saturday came and we headed straight to the Pordenone train station. The train ride to Milan was a little over 4 hours and cost 44 euro each way. Finally, we got to the Milan train station and my friend was there waiting. Having a friend to tour us around really helped as Milan is a big city with lot’s to see. After dropping our bags at my friend’s place, we bought a 24 hour transportation pass to get around the city. This proved to be the best 4.50 euro we spent that weekend as we used the pass more than 20 times! We went straight to Sforza Fountain and visited the famous Duomo, a soaring Gothic Cathedral in the middle of the city. After dinner and some drinks, we decided to call it a night. The next day, we decided to visit the Sforza Castle which had a museum inside. There we saw ancient weapons, pottery and artwork from all over the world. Afterwards, we visited the Convent of Santa Maria Della Grazie where they have Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. We were told that we needed to book tickets days in advance to see the famous painting but it was our lucky day. The lady told us to come back in a couple of hours as they have openings to view the painting. We were all excited to view the painting and it did not disappoint. As soon as we saw it, we were in awe of the beauty and the history in front of us. This was definitely the highlight of the trip as me, Steve and Imon just stood there in amazement of what we were seeing. After this, we went back to Imon’s place to grab our bags and we raced back to the train station. We were running late and barely made the train back to Venice. Another great travel weekend for the books!

Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper.
Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper.

Here are more pictures from the trip..IMG_1647 IMG_1654 IMG_1655 IMG_1663 IMG_1670 IMG_1675

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