Part I: Thai Airways First Class Experience!

So after months of planning, the day has finally arrived for our much awaited Thai First Class experience. To make it even sweeter, Me and Rac will be flying on the A380 in Thai Royal First Class for our Bangkok-Frankfurt leg.

It was bitter sweet for me and Rac to leave Manila. Although this marks the start of our new life together in Europe, it also means that we have to say goodbye to our family and friends back home.

See you soon!
See you soon!

Check-in in Manila was something else. You see, Thai Airways hires a contractor for it’s ground services in  Manila and it definitely left a sour taste in my mouth. It took us about 90 minutes to check-in our baggages and get our boarding passes. The employees were ill-trained to handle a complicated itinerary and since it was Rac’s first time in Europe, they quadruple checked her visa and other credentials even though we had everything squared away.

After getting checked-in, we bid farewell to our family and friends and we headed to the boarding area.

Thai MNL lounge.
Thai MNL lounge.



The first leg of the flight will bring us to Bangkok. The short 4-hour flight was uneventful as we slept most of the way. Here are some pictures..





After landing in Bangkok is where the real fun begins! It was priceless to see Rac react to all the “extra stuff” Thai would do to it’s first class passengers. Upon deplaning, a Thai representative had a placard with our name on it and ushered us to a buggy to take us to the First Class lounge.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Thai Royal First Class lounge in Bangkok but I must say that the whole experience blew us away. From the time we arrived, the staff took great care of us. They handed us our welcome drinks and gave us the menu.


We opted to have our lunch at one of their private rooms. The food and service was amazing!




Afterwards,I went ahead and explored the rest of the lounge and airport while Rac chilled in the room.




Since we were flying First Class, we were also entitled to free massages at the Royal Orchid Spa. I opted for the whole body massage while Rac had the neck and back massage.



After our massage, we decided to have dinner in the lounge.

Dinner time!
Dinner time!
What to eat this time?
What to eat this time?

The lounge experience is what really sets Thai apart from the other carriers. The staff was very attentive and would go above and beyond to fulfill your wants and needs. From the time you set foot in BKK up until the time you board your next flight, the whole experience is first class.

At about 11pm, the staff called us from our private room and there was another buggy waiting to take us to our boarding gate. We got there and found out we were the last ones to board.

Buggy to our next flight.
Buggy to our next flight.

Next up, Thai A380 Royal First Class!

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