Rome at night!

Like with most trips, everything started when I was playing around online, looking for cheap destinations for the upcoming President’s day three-day weekend. Lo and behold, I found some pretty good airfares via Alitalia that would not only get us to Athen’s Greece but would allow us a short visit to Rome. Since it was Rac’s first time in this amazing city, we took advantage of the layover to visit some of the must see spots of the city. Being a Skyteam Elite Plus, this is a double-win for us since we will be banking double miles as well as Medallion Benefits like lounge access, priority boarding, etc. for our flights.

Three other guys from work decided to tag along with me and Rac in this adventure and after doing some more research, we were all booked! We booked a cheap hostel by the Rome Termini train station for our short stay so we can rest before our flight. From the airport, it was about a 40 minute train ride to Rome Termini and a two-minute walk to our hostel. The train costs 14 euro per person each way and the hostel was only 15 euro per person.

* A trip to fellow travelers: buy the return ticket for the train while still at the airport. We learned this the hard way as we got scammed the next morning. Because we we’re in a hurry to board the train and since there we’re no machines available, we ended up buying an invalid ticket from a scammer by the train station. As soon as the train left, our tickets got checked and we we’re informed by the train official that we’d have to pay the full ticket price, 14 euro plus a 50 euro fee for not having a valid ticket. Ouch! Oh well, lesson learned!

Overall, it was a great stopover at Rome and we will definitely be back to see more! It was nice to see the Colosseum, Fontana Di Trevi, Pantheon and other attractions.

Here are the pictures of the trip!











A proposal by Fontana Di Trevi. She said yes!


The famous fountain at night.
The famous fountain at night.
Stunning Pantheon.
Stunning Pantheon.
See you soon Roma!
See you soon Roma!


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