Budapest, Hungary.

It was time to take the crew on a tour of the beautiful city of Budapest! It was about a 6-hour drive from Aviano and having been there last year, I was really excited for another visit. For our accommodations, we booked rooms at the Hilton Budapest City. As soon as we got there, we took the Sightseeing bus to see the many attractions of this ancient city. Everyone enjoyed the sights and sounds as well as the amazing food!

Shoutout to my buddy Elmer for the great pictures. Here are the pictures of our short stay in Budapest!

10906237_10152963623263698_1278945009380197065_n 10897939_10152963623123698_6191345803650056348_n 10377015_10152963600118698_710260935440990296_n 10888878_10152963598958698_2959133929577340149_n 10885379_10152963598423698_7997131633929463679_n 10460278_10152963592148698_573223626711846112_n 10384208_10152963591283698_619299151153286080_n (1) 10885490_10152963591133698_7508882683908284638_n 10891989_10152963580103698_7302437222577818400_n 10689624_10152963561078698_5174494281543319623_n

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