The Holy Land Adventures!

First off, we apologize for the lack of post or updates the last month. I got tasked with a temporary assignment to a very interesting country we haven’t been to.. Israel! Me and Rac took advantage of this opportunity as she visited me and we traveled throughout the country!

View from Mt. Zion.

First, we went to Jerusalem and visited the Western Wall, Church of Holy Sepulchre, Mt Zion as well as other historical sites! Next, we conquered Masada and explored this amazing fortress on top of a mountain. That same day, we went to the Dead Sea to experience the water in the lowest point on earth.

We also took in Tel Aviv with its markets and beaches. We then headed to Old Jaffa, which is said to be the oldest port in the world! This charming town had us in awe with all of its winding passages and amazing views.

Lastly, we had some chill time at the Red Sea where we dove with dolphins, enjoyed seafood and had a lot of fun with some water activities!

Stay tuned for a series of posts from our Israel adventure!

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