A hectic week back in the motherland!

And so our epic vacation begins!

We had a bunch of things planned for our short visit. First thing on the agenda was my best friends wedding. As the best man, I also had to organize a Bachelors party too!

Next up, we decided to have Isabela’s baptism back home so that we can share the special day with family and friends. What makes it more special is that our family been getting baptized in the same church for the past three generations!

Rac’s family also organized this amazing baptism reception for us!


Another thing we had on our plate is that we were in the initial stages of opening a shoe store in the Philippines so we did some market research as well as getting our store ready.

Last but definitely not the least, we just wanted to pig out and explore the culinary treats the Philippines had to offer!

As always, it was a short but amazing visit back home. Next up, we start our A380 adventure!

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