A380 Adventure: Qatar First Class & The Al Safwa Lounge.

After arriving in Bangkok, I quickly made my way to a Qatar Airways desk to get my boarding pass for our next flight, which would take us to Doha to experience the newly built Al Safwa First Class lounge and onwards to Dubai, our next destination.


Soon enough, it was time to board!


Unlike Singapore and Emirates, the QR First Class seats are not fully enclosed. The flight attendants and purser introduced themselves. I was then handed menus, amenity kits and pajamas. Soon enough, we were on our way!

Since this was a red-eye flight, they asked me if I wanted to have my meal served right away which I did.

I really love Qatar’s dine on demand program as you can basically dictate when and what you want to eat at anytime during the flight!

After the meal, it was time to explore the rest of the plane including Qatar’s world-famous bar.


Overall, I can say that Qatar ranks up there with the rest of the heavy-hitters in the airline industry. Both the hard and soft product were really first class!


Once we landed in Doha, it was time to head to the Al Safwa lounge where I was able to secure a private room!

Fully rested, I went ahead and explored the rest of the lounge and had breakfast at the restaurant. Yum!

Soon enough, it was time for our next flight to Dubai!

Stay tuned for our adventures in Dubai!


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