A380 Adventure: Etihad First Class Apartments & Abu Dhabi First Class Lounge.

The time has finally come. After all the hours of planning and booking, it was time for our Etihad A380 Apartments flight.

As I’ve written before, this whole crazy A380 adventure came about when I saw availability in the Abu Dhabi – London flight. Along with some friends, I secured us several tickets in First & Business class. The rest of the crazy itinerary soon followed.

To start us off, we were picked up by two Audis at Park Hyatt. Etihad offers its Business & First Class passengers chauffeur service. This really helped us out as Park Hyatt Dubai and Abu Dhabi International Airport is more than 90 mins away!

Upon arrival, we were checked-in and escorted to the lounge. While the Etihad First Class lounge is still under construction, they still had areas blocked for First Class passengers.

First off, we had some drinks and breakfast!

We also took advantage of some amenities they provided.  I got a free massage as well as a manicure treatment!

Soon enough, it was time for our flight!

What can I say, the cabin is amazinggg. It had a perfect balance of neutral colors and the quality of the First Class Apartment is really world class. I’ll let the pictures do the talking..

The flight attendants, purser and on-board chef all introduced themselves. They handed, pre-departure beverages, menus, pajamas and amenity kits. After a quick taxi, we were off!

Shortly after, the meal service started.

Since some of my friends were staying in Business Class, we met up at the lounge and had some drinks. Me and my friends were pretty amazed how fortunate we were to be experiencing such luxury with the help of miles and points!


After catching up on some sleep, it was time to experience the on-board shower. Although smaller than the Emirates shower, it was still amazing to be experiencing it 35,000 feet up in the air! After getting dressed, I turned on the in-flight entertained and asked for some snacks before landing.


Sadly, my dream flight was almost over as we were almost in London. Overall, Etihad First Class Apartment is truly in a league of its own. Etihad really did an amazing job with the seats and color schemes, making the whole cabin really feel top notch. Can’t wait to try it again!


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