One for the Road: LA to Italy!

I’ve always wanted to see Europe, but then again, who doesn’t? For the last three years, my brother has been telling me to visit him in Italy, but life happened, and the Euro trip was thrown into the back burner.

I’m a filthy poor single mom, so it isn’t easy to just decide, “Hey! Let’s go to Europe.” Spring Break 2016 was my last chance at what could be a heck of an inexpensive Euro trip, so one Thursday afternoon in March, my son and I found ourselves in LAX, excited to board Aeroflot economy class.

Thirteen hours later, we were wandering around Sheremetyevo International Airport.

My son who is quite the picky eater, did not get to touch much of the airplane food. Naturally, nourishing him was our top priority. We ended up in TGI Fridays where he had a huge plate of pasta all to himself. We successfully killed five hours of our layover – I had a couple of Sangrias at TGI Fridays which came highly recommended by our very friendly Russian waiter, tidied up at the airport restroom, watched the snow from the glass panels, and napped at the wrong terminal until it was time to board for Venice.

After a three and a half hour flight, we landed in Italia, and my son and I met my beautiful baby niece for the first time.


We spent the night at my brother’s home in Aviano. The following day, we began what would be the most exciting road trip of our lives.



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