One for the Road: Nice & Monaco.

Day two.

We had our complimentary breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn, and then we hit the road hoping to catch the sunset in France.

We made it to Nice late in the afternoon and still had some daylight for a little sightseeing.

With no clear itinerary, we just walked along Promenade des Anglais and took in the Mediterranean views while enjoying coffee, French pastry and ice cream.

Sunset was our queue to head for Monaco.

As we drove to Monte Carlo, it was easy to see how this was a playground for the rich and famous. Luxury cars were parked everywhere, and sports cars zoomed past us in the streets, it was almost embarrassing being in our rented Renault.

With Rambi’s coaxing, I took a glimpse inside Casino de Monte-Carlo. Yes it was grand, and we were not allowed to take photos. After feeling so utterly misplaced in Monte-Carlo with our very comfy casual clothing, it was time to hunt for dinner.

We had talked about a lobster dinner but our tummies no longer had the patience for research and more driving, so we ended up at Planet Sushi in Monaco.


After dinner, we drove to our quaint Airbnb rental in Valbonne, our home for the next two nights.

More of France in the next installment of our road trip.

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