One for the Road: Off to Barcelona!

Day four and little brother’s birthday.

It was time to bid farewell to our sweet home in Valbonne, France as we had quite a big day planned for us.


Prior to this Euro trip, I had been pestering little brother about taking us to Barcelona. I never thought he would succumb to my plea, but as soon as I was settled in the car the night he got us at the airport, he just had to spoil the surprise about the epic road trip he had planned for us.

We had an early-ish start and gave ourselves enough time for the long drive and pit stops. We were also to meet our seventh roadie, our Aunt who flew from Manila-Turkey-Barcelona.

Our first stop was at a gas station in Nimes. For the first time in this road trip, we had to pump fuel by ourselves. We ended up putting gas instead of diesel. Way to go.

After a not so simple phone call, we had a tow truck hauling all six of us and our car rental to the nearest garage. As luck would have it, the garage could not work on our little problem, and we were again towed to a Renault garage. The mishap, lunch break and repairs set us back around seven hours. Mcdonald’s was right across the Renault garage. Hurrah for fries, chicken nuggets and wi-fi!

We gave instructions to our Aunt to meet us at our Airbnb in Spain. It was dark by the time we reached España, but the long and exhausting day did not stop us from celebrating Rambi’s birthday.


Rambi drove me and Karen to Sagardi for tapas and sangria. It was love at first taste.

We ended the night with a stroll in La Rambla.


More of Barcelona in the next post!

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