Cebu, Philippines.

We knew that we wanted to go to the beach. But being in a country with over 7100 islands, it was no easy decision. We had our minds set on going to Batangas as it was the closest beach with some amazing Scuba diving but at the last minute, we decided to check out what Cebu Pacific Air had in store for us.

Long story short, there were cheap enough fares to go to Cebu the next day. After some time, we we’re booked!


As usual, our flight was delayed but after a couple of hours, we were in Cebu!

Checked in our hotel that was by the beach. Had an amazing feast for dinner and got ready for the big day ahead.

It was time for Scuba, snorkeling and island hopping! Booked our private boat and had an amazing island dinner by the beach.

That night, we also visited a food fair festival near our hotel.

The next day, it was time to head home.

Overall, we really enjoyed our quick beach getaway!

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