Frequent Traveler University Las Vegas.

Rac & I realize how lucky we are to be able to explore the world we live in as much as we do. With that, people often ask us how we can afford to travel so much.We are not rich by any means but with the help of “Travel Hacking”, we have been able to experience things that we couldn’t ever dreamed off.

All of this started when we discovered how to maximize our use of points and miles. While it takes a lot of work, the rewards our amazing! We’ve been to over 70 countries and most of the time, we are flying in premium cabins and staying in amazing properties.

We are not alone in this as there are thousands of people who do the same thing! This bring us to Frequent Traveler University Las Vegas. An event that gathers Frequent Travelers from all over to the world to discuss strategies and stories about miles and points. While there have been plenty of seminars and gatherings like this, the timing worked perfectly for us so we were able to attend.

It was a three day event with talks from the brightest minds in the industry. Celebrities from the miles & points industry were there to share their insight and meet with their fans. I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of them and even got to share stories and play blackjack with Ben from, my favorite travel blogger.

Over the course of three days, I learned a lot of new things but more importantly, it was refreshing to be around like-minded individuals that knew that ins and out frequent traveling like I did. When I get excited and talk to some of my friends & family about my travels, a lot of times they look at me like I’m crazy!

Overall, it was an amazing experience to be able to attend Frequent Traveler University. Can’t wait for the next one!

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