The Amazing Race Seoul 2016!

As soon as the show Amazing Race came out on TV, I knew I wanted to part of it. Two of my loves, travel and competition made the whole show perfect for me.

Fast forward to 2016, our base put together a similar competition and I was lucky enough to get selected!


Everything was free and all participants were set to have a fun and crazy filled weekend adventure in Seoul. We were treated to very nice accommodations and lots of food!

I was part of Team 1 with four other individuals that I quickly meshed with. As soon as The Race started, our teamwork shined through as we dominated the different challengers. We raced around Seoul for the next clues and visited some amazing places.

We visited the Olympic Stadium, Lotte World, Pyounghwa Clothing Market & War Memorial as well as countless other places throughout the race.

When the dust settled, we finished all the challengers and WON! We beat all the other teams and were the first ones to be back!


It was definitely an AMAZING experience and we all had so much fun!


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