Thai Airways Business Class

After our short visit to Vietnam, it was time to head to Australia!

For the next two flights, we will be flying Business Class with Thai Airways! We will have a quick stopover in Bangkok and then a nine-hour flight to Melbourne.

First off check-in and our lounge before the flight..

Quick flight to Bangkok!

Stopped by the Royal Silk Lounge in BKK before our next flight.


Our home for the next 9 hours.

We’ve flown Thai Airways Premium Cabins multiple times before but what set this flight apart were the flight attendants. Throughout the whole flight, it seemed like they just knew what we needed before we knew them. Traveling with a toddler is quite an adventure and they made sure that we had everything we needed to have a wonderful experience.

The food in this flight however disappointed. The food just did not seem fresh and even though the service throughout all the meals we’re top notch, the actual food did not live up to expectations.

Overall, Thai Airways still remains a top-notch airline in our book. We got to Melbourne well rested and ready to go!


Soon enough, we were met by Rac’s sisters! Here’s to a fun week in Australia with the family!


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