The Forbidden City & The Great Wall of China.

After Queenstown, it was time to start heading back to Seoul. But before our vacation ended, we had one last stop, Beijing, China!

We were flying with Air China and took advantage of their First Class lounge thanks to our Priority Pass membership.

Since we only had a day there, we took advantage of the 72-hour visa option that they offer. We also booked a tour that would pick us up from the airport and bring us to the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and The Great Wall.

First stop, Tinanmen Square and the Forbidden City. Our guide was very thorough and gave us lots of invormation about these two places.

After our tour, we took an hour ride to get to the Great Wall. It was definitely a sight to behold! We road a gondola to get up the wall and and took a luge to go down. Super fun!

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