And so it begins! Asiana Airlines A380.

Finally, it was time for our epic trip! As usual, we boarded our bus from Songtan Station to get us to Incheon International Airport (ICN).


One of our travel goals is to fly as many A380’s as possible. So far we’ve experienced, Korean, China Southern, Thai, Malaysian, Singapore, Emirates, Qatar and Etihad. To get to Los Angeles, we would be boarding another A380, this time, with Asiana Airlines. Upon boarding, we were greeted by ba our High School classmate, Katrina and as fate would have it, she was our flight attendant for our journey!


Upon check-in, the attendant could not believe the routing of our trip. He pretty much said that we were crazy with all the stops. Haha! We lucked out to get bulk head seats so we had a lot of extra legroom, we also had empty seats so Isa was able to have her own space!


Although this was the first time we’d be flying economy in an A380, it didn’t feel like it with all the extra room and Katrina being our FA. Rac has always told me that Asiana is one of her favorite airlines. They are great with kids as they try to help you out and this trip was no exception. So far, a great start for our trip! Soon enough, we were in Los Angeles!

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