Itaipu Binacional.

Rambi, Rac and Isa arrived at the Pousada seven hours later than expected. Due to inclement weather, they had to deplane, and ended up taking the bus going to Foz do Iguaçu.

We were all up waiting for their safe arrival and woke up pretty late the following day. We missed breakfast in our Pousada so we decided to walk to Avenida Brasil to look for some local brunch. We settled on a local eatery serving fillets of steak, chicken and pork with eggs, potatoes, beans and greens.

As we were walking back to our Pousada, we came across a tour guide who presented a promising deal of $25 USD per head for transportation for three whole days.

An hour later, a non-English speaking man named Jose, arrived at the Pousada and took us in his beat up van.

Jose spoke Portuguese, but he understood our poor Spanish. On that hot and humid afternoon, he drove us to Itaipu Binacional.

Itaipu Binacional is the world’s largest hydroelectric powerplant, generating renewable clean energy. The Itaipu Dam is located between Brazil and Paraguay. According to our Itaipu Guide, the plant provides roughly 20% of the energy consumed in Brazil, and 80% of the energy consumed in Paraguay. This megastructure was impressive.

Itaipu also maintains animal and plant sanctuaries. During the tour, we saw several Capybara freely roaming around. Capybara is the world’s largest rodent. I would say they are kind of cute from afar, but as soon as I heard our tour guide utter the word rodent, I froze and could not take anymore photos.

After a tour of Itaipu, it was time for some Churrascaria once again. This time we went to Churrascaria do Gaúcho. Our second night in Iguaçu and we were still hungry for carne!

Gaúcho had even more selections of meat, and better sides than Churrascaria Premium. Brazilians obviously love their barbecue. And we were loving it too!

After dinner, we walked back to our Pousada and wondered what the next day had in store for us.

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