Parque Nacional Do Iguacu, Brazil.

We started the day with an early breakfast at the Pousada. Our guide Jose arrived early as usual, ready to take us to Paraguay.


Paraguay was a short drive from our Pousada. We expected to go through immigration to get to Paraguay from Brazil, but Jose just drove us through without any hassle. After a little research, I later discovered that this was a very common but risky move that could result to fines and/or bribe requests.

In Paraguay, we were taken to Ciudad del Este for some shopping. This was a good place to shop for electronics, as the city is the third largest tax free zone in the world. We didn’t spend a long time here though, as we were eager to get to the next part of our tour – Parque Nacional do Iguaçu.


Forget Disneyland or Universal Studios. This is my kind of park.
A raft ride with two options – wet or dry. Either way, you will get wet. So it really was a choice between wet and very wet. We chose the very wet ride and our raft was taken near one of the falls so we can experience the might of those waters!

Needless to say, extra clothes are mandatory. Even if you don’t get on the raft, you will get sprayed just by walking on the trail.

Iguazu Falls, also known as Iguassu, Iguacu and Iguaçu are the largest waterfalls system in the world. 20% of the falls are in Brazil, while the other 80% are in Argentina.

The magnificence of these falls cannot be described in words.

This was such an awesome day.

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