Tokyo, Japan.

From Guam, we took a quick 3-hour plane ride to Tokyo, Japan! This was Rac’s first time in Tokyo so we tried to visit as many places as possible.

We took the Narita Express (NEX) to Shibuya station where our hotel, Sakura Fleur Aoyama, was within walking distance. Tip: the NEX gives you a discount when you buy roundtrip tickets. Our hotel room was as small as expected but the location was hard to beat!

The next day, we set out early to explore Shibuya. First stop, Hachi!

Afterwards, we crossed the famous Shibuya crossing.


We then headed over to nearby Harajuku for some shopping!

Here we got some grub and met up with our friend Jed who lives in Tokyo. It was nice to catch up with him as he showed us around the city. Soon enough, it was time to head back to the airport. We’ll definitely see you again, Tokyo!





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