Exploring Amanwana.

There was so much to do in this beautiful island!

As soon as we got to our room, we we’re welcomed by a friendly deer! We then got ourselves bikes so we can explore the island even more. We rode the bikes everywhere we went!

For our second day, we went Scuba Diving, island hopping, paddle boarding and swimming 1.5 kms!

For our third day, we went on an excursion to visit the local falls in Moyo Island. 3We trekked and rode an old school jeep to get there!

For our last day, we enjoyed one of the most beautiful sunsets by the beach..


After some last minute souvenir shopping, it was time to get back to the mainland, we had our private boat take us to Lombok where we start our journey back to Manila.

Overall, this Aman experience was everything we had hoped for and more. Can’t wait for our next Aman experience!

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