72 hours in South Korea!

Rac’s family was visiting from the Philippines and we only had a limited amount of time to explore South Korea.

We packed as much as we could in the 72 hours that they had in country. For their first day, we made sure to bring our family to Itaewon and Myeondong were they shopped and ate all day.

For our second day, we booked tours from Funtastic Korea. For around $60/person, they took us to Nami Island, Garden of the Morning Calm and Rail Way Park.

Finally, we took the Seoul City Tour bus for a day for $10 and explored the different tourist attractions the city had to offer.

Overall, we got to see different parts of Korea for fairly cheap. For our accommodations, we booked an Airbnb at the Myeongdong area for about $$80 a night. A great way to explore Korea without breaking the bank!

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