La Yeon, Seoul, South Korea.

One of only two three-star Michelin restaurants in South Korea, La Yeon.

Located in the 23rd floor of The Shilla in Seoul, this restaurant boasts of stunning views of the city.

From the Michelin website:

“Time-honored traditions of Korean cuisine are prepared with a contemporary approach at La Yeon. Located on the 23rd floor of Shilla Hotel, this refined dining space offers stunning vistas over Namsan Park. Detail to comfort and elegance are noteworthy, from the fine tableware to attentive service. Hansik and wine pairing elevates the dining experience here to another level. “

We booked our lunch 3 weeks in advance. Unlike other three-star restaurants, they did not ask for our credit card information when making the reservation. Upon arrival, we chose the La Yeon tasting menu option priced at 195,000 KRW/$180.


Overall, it was amazing to eat traditional Korean food at this level. A persona favorited was the braised beef ribs that just packed so much flavor.

Value for money: 5/10.


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