Caribbean Adventure: Let’s go on a Cruise!

My son and I arrived in San Juan late Friday night. Rambi, Rac and Isa took a later flight via Los Angeles – Chicago – San Juan, which arrived an hour after our flight.

Unlike my son and I, my brother and his family had the burden of checking in several pieces of luggage as they were to fly to their new home in Germany from San Juan right after our summer rendezvous. Luckily, San Juan’s airports had mini vans for cabs, so the five of us were able to cram with all our baggage in one taxi.


We spent the night at the Hyatt Place in Bayamon. It is worth mentioning that we got a room upgrade because of a little error. The funny part was how we found out about it. Exhausted from our flight, we were stuck waiting for an elevator to be fixed at the ground floor with another hotel guest. It took only few minutes before someone assisted us. And when we were all inside the elevator, we discovered that the other guest and all five of us were going to the same suite. When the other guest heard us talking about our room number, he said “hey that’s my room too.” We just all laughed at the situation and got our new room assignment. The next morning, we fueled up with Hyatt’s complimentary breakfast. It was such a relief too that Hyatt was willing to store Rambi and Rac’s Germany-bound luggage while we were away on cruise for the next eight days.

After a short Uber ride from the hotel, we we checked in to Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas.


The Freedom of the Seas was once the largest passenger ship ever built, until Royal Caribbean constructed their Oasis class. It can accommodate over 3,600 passengers and 1,300 crew on 18 total decks. This magnificent ship was our home for our FIRST Caribbean Adventure. Emphasis on first because it was during this fun filled trip where we made it our mission to hit all the places in the song Kokomo.


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