Caribbean Adventure: Aruba!

Curacao is my top pick, but Rambi favors Aruba. I would not argue over it. Aruba is fascinating. This island country and constituent of the Netherlands is a haven for all beach lovers. And just like Curacao, there are plenty to choose from.

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Once again, we rented a car, took a map of the island with us and started our excursion.


Not far from the cruise port terminal, we found Eagle Beach. It was almost unthinkable to find a gorgeous, uncrowded beach right next to the main road. All you have to do is park your car (for free), and run into the turquoise water! It felt absolutely liberating to be able to do this in the Caribbean! I say this because I usually pay a ridiculous amount for parking just to see dark sand and feel the freezing water on my feet where I live.

Wanting to see the other beaches, we continued to drive and stopped at Malmok Beach and Boca Catalina.


In Boca Catalina, we saw a couple of Pirate themed ships that had people rope swinging into the water. Clearly, these folks had more than just a day to explore the island. It was fun watching a bunch of tourists having such a great time. We definitely need to come back and do this!


We went to Arashi Beach, Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations and California Lighthouse. Our car rental person told us not to miss Baby Beach, so we planned on spending most of our time there.

Right next to Baby Beach was Rodger’s Beach, so that was a two for one deal. And boy were we glad we made the drive to southernmost tip of Aruba.

Baby Beach has calm and crystal clear waters. The shallow water makes it ideal for families with small kids. We were able to wade so far from the beach without worry. It was very relaxing to not have to run after a toddler in the beach. And did I mention that this crescent shaped lagoon is absolutely beautiful? Ahh. And yet another reason to come back to Aruba. We all wished the day didn’t have to end.

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