Saudia Airways 777 Business Class.

For our trip to the Philippines, we decided to try a new airline, Saudia Airways. Saudia offered really cheap flights from Europe to Manila in Economy. They also offered passengers to bid on Business Class seats. We put our bid in and crossed our fingers. Fortunately, our bids were accepted and we were flying Business Class both ways!

Seat: 8/10

Although not fully lie flat, the seat was comfortable enough and we got really good sleep on all our legs.

Food: 7/10

The food was average by airline standards. Nothing special here.


Amenities: 9/10

The inflight entertainment system was as extensive as there in any airline we’ve flown. They also provided amenity kits that were nice including a small Furla bag for female passengers.

Service: 8/10

The service was warm and every time we needed something, they would always take care of it with a smile.

Value for Money: 9/10

With the cheap fares and affordable Business Class upgrades, we are definitely already looking forward to our next Saudia flights!

On the way back to Germany, we transited through Riyadh and used one of the rooms in the lounge to get some much needed rest before the last leg to Germany. Priced at $40, this room was a great way for some much needed privacy and rest!

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