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Travel Hacking Roadmap – $199 $149 Intro Rate

I will provide you with a personalized roadmap on how to achieve your travel goals. We will take a deep dive in your spending habits and formulate your personal Travel Hacking strategy.

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Travel Hacking is a two-part process. Earning and Burning. Once you’ve accumulated enough Miles & Points, it’s time to book your dream trip! I can guide you through that whole process and ensure you maximize your redemptions.

Travel Hacking Coaching – $299 $249 /one-time fee

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Roanne & Mike Suyosa

We just got back from the best vacation my family and I ever had. We spent 2 nights in Conrad Dubai (upgraded to Deluxe Suite=free, pts only) then 5 nights in Maldives also free using points. We only paid 30% of our plane tickets from Germany to Maldives and back for a family of 5. (Only because the seaplane going to the Rangali Island don’t accept points). Never in our wildest dreams that we will be staying in Maldives… let alone free. Thank you Rambi for everything. We are working on our next vacation and this for sure is not possible without this masterclass.

Eden Canite

As a Clinical Head Nurse in one of the most demanding, stressful and fast-paced Military Training Facility, I reward myself by traveling the world. I am an instantaneous, no itinerary type of a traveler. Most of the time, I ended up paying a bit more due to the short notice in buying the airplane tickets and the accommodations. Then I met Rambi Francisco in Germany. I was so intrigued how he traveled more than 100 countries with his family and stayed in places that I can only imagine. How did he do it? Lucky me, I was able to attend his Travel Hacking Masterclass face to face. Surely, I was at the front seat with my notebook & pen- scribbling every details that are important.  My goal was to duplicate this young man 😊. I followed every step of the system he created and viola! Last February, my family was able enjoy a vacation in Waldorf Astoria in Maui, Hawaii ($1,300/night)-all for free…plus, we were given $50 credit to use in the restaurant of our choice within the resort. How cool is that! Then a few weeks ago, I wanted to give back, so I offered a treat to 8 international students in one of the universities in Hawaii for a weekend vacation to Hilton Garden’s in Waikiki. They had a blast! Best part -I paid nothing! 😀😊.  I’m crazily excited to share this because I am already a real life proof that indeed, from listening to Rambi & following his guide, we were able to have a luxurious vacation for free. What a blessing that this possible.

Kamil Roginski

All the information you will ever need! Very professional, very knowledgeable, Rambi teaches you it all. He shows you the secrets to travel like the rich with a small budget and guides you through every step of the process. I have traveled over 20+ with this information since, and don’t know how anyone can live without it. He has been my mentor for 3+ years and wish I found him earlier! 

Rob & Weng Ybay

Three years ago, we didn’t even know what “travel hacking” was. It sounded like a lot of work. Now we look back the last ten to fifteen years of traveling and realize there was another world we could have easily been in if we had the right travel mentors along the way. Rambi gave us a goal to just try it out promising we would never go back. He was right. In mere two years, our whole family was lounging at an overwater villa in the Waldorf Astoria in Maldives virtually free for our hotel stay. And that was just one story of the many more we’re super thankful he’s taught us. This Masterclass is a game changer not just for travelers like us, but for all explorers at hear

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